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He does restorations for both public or private customers.

In 1991 he was in charge of the restoration of plucked instruments owned by the Museo Teatrale alla Scala in Milan collection.
In 1994 he restored the plucked instruments from the collection owned by the Museo Correr in Venice; in the same year he restored some of the instruments owned by the Conservatorio F.A. Bonporti in Trento - a branch of Riva del Garda.
In 1998 he restored a Neapolitan mandolone by “Donatus Filano, Napoli 1779” owned by the
Museo dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. This instrument appears to be unique, as it is the only preserved mandolone of this type built by this luthier.

In 2005, for a private committent, in collaboration with Bob Van de Kerckhove, he restored a guitar "Gennaro Fabricatore, Napoli 1811”. This instrument belonged to the Italian patriot Giuseppe Mazzini, who was also a talented guitarist.

In 2009, the centenary of the Futurism, he restored, for a private client, a guitar by “Gennaro Fabricatore, Napoli 1801”. This instrument belonged to Francesco Balilla Pratella, the founder of the Musical Futurism.